A few memorable quotes from the 2000+ Hand-Written Letters Peter has received.
  • "your impressive display of sticks in Cleveland. Thats a lot of sticks!"
    Bill Bruford.Yes, King Crimson, Earthworks.1/4/96

  • "I am pleased to be enclosing a pair of signed sticks to add to your impressive collection."
    Simon Phillips. Jeff Beck, Stanley Clarke, Pete Townshend, Brian Eno.1/4/91

  • "This is very cool.(cont.).So Im flattered to be included on this list with some of my playing heros Max Roach, Billy Higgins, Art Taylor, & Elvin Jones, Yaaa Thanx Chicken."
    Chicken Hirsh.Country Joe & the Fish.2/12/96

  • "What a great collection, and how did you get to all those drummers?..Your enthusiasm is obviously catching. I am very happy to make a contribution and enclosed are two drumsticks, not quite a pair, from around 1966 when I was in full swing with the original Manfred Mann group."
    Mike Hugg.Manfred Mann.9/18/96

  • "Congratulations on the collection at the Hall of Fame and thanks for including me and Morphine in the piece- Its a great idea that you had- and a great follow thru-"
    Billy Conway.Morphine.10/16/95

  • "Thanks for the opportunity to be in your amazing collection."
    Chris Frantz.The Talking Heads.2/3/95

  • "Thanks for thinking of me and including me in your wonderful collection. Im truly honored!"
    Don D.J. Bonebrake.X.11/7/94

  • "Heres some more fire wood for ya!..Im very flattered to be included in your rather unusual collection."
    Dallas Taylor.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.6/15/94

  • "You have a great collection and we wish you the best with being able to make it better.. (cont.)..Take care and God bless you."
    Robert Sweet.Stryper.3/29/91

  • "Thanks for the Honor."
    Earl Palmer.Little Richard, Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, The Righteous Brothers.8/19/93

  • "Heres a couple of pairs of sticks, what an honor!!"
    Dick Dodd.The Standells.2/12/96

  • "Through it all theres just one thing that Victor says has truly taken his breath away: My brushes are on permanent display in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, which Im just aghast over, he says with a laugh. Im right next to Ringo, Keith Moon, and Hal Blaine!"
    (From Modern Drummer Magazine, December, 1996, pp. 13) Victor De Lorenzo.The Violent Femmes.12/96

  • "Thanks for including me in the Drum stick collection. Its my pleasure..(cont.)..Your friend Jimmy Carl Black + c/s The Indian of the group"
    Jimmy Carl Black.Frank Zappa - The Mothers of Invention.6/6/95

  • "Great Project, Peter!"
    Jim Chapin.Educator.4/8/96

  • "The sticks (enclosed) are the ones I have used for many years with Lucky Millinders Orch., Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway and in the recording studios. The brushes were used on (to record) Dinah Washingtons What a Diffrence a day makes and Brook Bentons Fools Rush In and many other recordings."
    David Panama Francis.Cab Calloway, Dinah Washington, and others.5/6/94

  • "Your collection is quite impressive to say the least. I would be honored to be a part of it."
    Ken Callahan.The Jayhawks.3/5/93

  • "To a devoted Collector of Priceless wood! May your forest continue to grow."
    Charlie Allen Martin.Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.5/31/95

  • "History in the making!!"
    Jason Finn.The Presidents Of The United States Of America.3/12/97

  • "Thanks so much for including me in your collection, Im overwhelmed and honored , So many of my friends and heros are in it."
    Johnny Bee Badanjek.Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.1/25/96

  • "your magnificent collection of sticks-Wood Pile- I am very impressed and pleased to be included alongside so many great drummers."
    Michael Giles.King Crimson.11/16/95

  • "What a cool collection! Glad to help."
    Bill Gibson.Huey Lewis and the News.10/10/94

  • "Thank you very much for your proposition, and for having thought about me. I will be very proud to be part of this ambitious project and I hope that people will understand your purpose and as well, recognize the amount of work it represents. Thank you again so much to give me the opportunity of having a part of myself staying somewhere on this planet, close to other amazing players, its such a great honor."
    Manu Katche.Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Tears For Fears, Sting.3/15/96

  • "Thank You again for all your hard work and boost to my ego. With appreciation and sincerest best wishes and admiration."
    Joe Siracusa.Spike Jones.5/28/96

  • "Wow Nice collection!"
    John Hartman.The Doobie Brothers.3/3/96

  • "Thank you for including my drumsticks in your esteemed collection. Im very proud of my accomplishments throughout my life, however this exhibit in The Rock and roll Hall of fame is a very special honor."
    Clyde Stubblefield.James Brown.2/15/95

  • "Really a great idea I admire your persistence and devotion in amassing this pile of wood."
    David Getz. Janis Joplin- Big Brother and the Holding Company.10/1/90

  • "Thank you so much for the invitation to be a part of your collection. I would consider it an honor!"
    Denny Carmassi.Heart.5/13/96

  • "Hang in there and dont get discouraged.. Youre doing a wonderful thing, very unique Im really honored as well you should be too!!!..Your collection is PRICELESS!!!!"
    Hal Blaine.The Wrecking Crew.4/22/94

  • "Great Stuff !! Your Friend."
    Andy Newmark. Roxy Music, Eric Clapton, John Lennon.7/22/84

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