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I've had countless amazing experiences working on this Project. Meeting generations of Musicians has been thrilling and I'm grateful for every opportunity. From collaborating with The Hard Rock Cafe and The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum to being profiled by CNN , People Magazine and The Guinness Book Of World Records , working on this Drumstick Collection has been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life.

The Drumstick Archive is vast...and that's an understatement. There are so many specifics to this body of work that have never been told, so the chance to share this information on the WWW is very important to me. The debut of this Web Site coincides with the release of The Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary 2005 Edition of The Guinness Book Of World Records marking the first time my Collection has been photographed in its' entirety.

When I caught a Drumstick at a concert in 1980, I could never have imagined still being at this 25 years later, because collecting Drumsticks was, at most, a novelty to me...until Corporate America came knocking, and that's when I realized I was on to something.

Over the years my Drumsticks have been showcased publicly and privately to rave reviews. To that end, each successive exhibit has been more popular than the previous...suffice to say that I'm always interested in the next gig...

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If you have any comments, feel free to send me an email at: peter@drumsticksabound.com

September 2004

To serious enquirers only:
My Drumstick Collection is available exclusively to sincere and interested parties for exhibit and/or transfer of ownership for terms to be negotiated.

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